Who is eligible to access Ekeza Sacco Credit facilities?
Members admitted in accordance with the membership policy.

When  does a member become eligible for a loan?

A member becomes eligible after a minimum membership period of six months and on fulfilling all requirements of a specific loan product.  Members who transfer their deposits from another Sacco are exempted from the waiting period.

How is a loan application made?
A loan application must be done in writing on prescribed forms which must be fully filled. The applicant must attach all relevant documents.  Alteration will not be allowed.

Does interest charged by the Sacco fluctuate during the term of the loan?
No. Any amendments on interest will affect new applications only.

Who decides on what interest to charge?
Interests on loans are reviewed from time to time by the BOD on recommendation of Management.

Can a member capitalize interest rebates or dividends to boost ones shares?
Yes, that is allowed. All that one needs to do is to instruct in writing.

Can a member use dividends or interest rebates to clear loans?
Yes by communicating the same in writing.

What are the acceptable Securities for a loan?
Deposits in the Ekeza Sacco
Property Title Deed For Either Land or Buildings
Bank Guarantees
Vehicle Log Book