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The Secret to Saving Money

Saving money is not a matter of math. It’s a matter of urgency. You won’t save money when you get that next raise. You won’t save money when that car is paid off. You won’t save money when the kids are grown. You’ll only save money when it becomes an emotional priority. We all know […]

Things looking up for hopeful home buyers

For over a year now, housing indices have been reporting a stagnation in prices for high end homes. At the same time prime rental yields have also dropped slightly. This, put together, with government policy moves promise to shift the focus to lower priced homes, offering those who want to buy homes but can hardly […]

Why You do not have to be rich to join property market

“Earth is the best investment on earth.” That is a statement by Mr Gilbert Kibire, the CEO of Icon Valuers Ltd, a real estate firm based in Nairobi, a statement echoed by his colleague, Mr Martin Cheboror.“Land is the only asset you can invest in, where its value will almost always appreciate,” Mr Kibire expounds.Indeed, […]